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Fox Lake, Wisconsin

The playscape at SAGES School in Fox Lake, WI highlights GRG’s ability to facilitate a community build while providing a wide range of play opportunities. This project was a 50/50 split in effort between GRG and the SAGES (School for Agricultural and Environmental Studies).


GRG offered design build services for the site work and heavier construction, incorporating school supplied materials like a repurposed slide and a mountain of tractor tires to create a unique climbing feature! The school, in turn, leveraged community members to procure lumber, other materials, and labor for a three-day community build onsite - led by GRG and facilitated by school staff. The results were outstanding.

Copy of 117592399_3348067735257187_886584434367363991_o.jpg

Using GRG design concepts as a baseline, local volunteer carpenters build playhouses, interactive educational panels, and a team of volunteer sanders created the largest, most dynamic set of loose parts ever seen! At every level, the cooperation and sharing of ideas, materials, tools, and labor between GRG and SAGES went smoothly. The success of the project was a testament to the strength of dedicated partnership and community volunteer involvement.

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