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Unlike traditional playgrounds, built largely of metal and plastic as stand-alone structures on large flat surfaces, GRG’s playscapes maximizes whole spaces to foster wonder and imagination by creating worlds for children to explore.

Incorporating creative topography, integrated water management, and natural materials, our playscapes connect all of our clients: the young (children) as well as the young at heart (caregivers and teachers), more closely with nature.

The following KEY CONCEPTS drive our design of a site and inform the basis of our value-added approach
Village Play.jpg
Building Worlds

We create worlds of wonder and imagination where children can engage with the same space repeatedly without becoming bored. Our spaces are much more than just a collection of products dropped into a site.  They are carefully designed to maximize the entire space.  We do this by sculpting topography, building multiple destinations, maximizing the use of corners and paths, and creating variety in the types of features and architectural elements.

Open Ended Play

A properly designed and built space can have a huge impact on the child’s executive functioning skills. Adventure Play is the exhilaration of movement and the challenge of building physical strength and skill.  Village Play is where childhood creativity comes to life as children recreate, dramatize and build their own worlds.  Furthermore, the open ended opportunities within drive the development of interpersonal skills.

Nature Based

Nature gives kids a break from the technology saturated world that dominates much of the modern childhood experience.  When a child and/or their caregiver is steeped in a nature rich and playful environment there is an intangible but real and noticeable impact on their wellbeing. Our spaces seek to maximize this effect with each crafted detail and material choice.

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