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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After a recent remodel of their buildings, Notre Dame, located on the southside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wanted to focus its attention on developing their outdoor spaces to increase play and education opportunities. GRG Playscapes helped re-envision the asphalt parking lot and courtyard of this urban campus with two, natural and nature inspired, age-specific play areas. 


Soccer and running opportunities was a vital component of this project as was upper body challenge space with open ended play opportunities, ADA accessibility and also a quiet gathering space for the older elementary and middle school children. The transformation turned the previous parking lot into a turf soccer field with rope swings and log climbers and a treehouse climber with a tunnel.


For the younger grades, climbing structures and trike paths were in high demand.The courtyard style space is home to a log and boulder obstacle course, includes traditional playground equipment slides and a natural, custom made treehouse with multiple climbing access points. A newly poured concrete slab finishes the space with a Formula 1 inspired trike trake with custom, handcrafted garage.  

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