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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

GRG has collaborated with the City of Milwaukee’s MKE Plays Initiative since 2016 on several key public spaces. The MKE Plays project was established as an initiative to transform 14 of the city’s most deteriorated playgrounds into models for local collaboration and renovation.


These spaces are intended to serve children of all ages and represent an innovative approach to building public play areas in Milwaukee. GRG Playscapes was asked to incorporate natural elements in the playground projects combining traditional features with natural flair, leaving more open to the senses and mind, and encouraging creativity, exploration and imagination. Projects include: Enderis Park, Arlington Heights, 21st and Keefe Park, Trowbridge Square and 5th and Randolph. Public playground features have ranged with each job, but projects highlight design selections for public spaces including ADA paths, decks, and slides, as well as other play features that encourage unscripted play in a public access setting.

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