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Children are our best teachers. By watching them engage with outdoor spaces, we are better able to create spaces that inspire them to:

• Enjoy Prolonged Engagement in Outdoor Play

• Unplug from Technology

• De-stress

• Embark on Journeys of Self Discovery

Unlike traditional playgrounds, built largely of metal and plastic as stand-alone structures on large flat surfaces, GRG’s playscapes  maximize whole space to foster wonder and imagination by creating small worlds for children to explore.

Incorporating creative topography and natural products, our playscapes connect all of our clients: the young (children) as well as the young at heart (caregivers and teachers), more closely with nature.

Take a look at what we learned about discovering worlds in our founder’s own backyard:


Whether in a school, park or daycare’s play space, or in our own backyard playgrounds, we’ve found this to be true: Successful and engaging outdoor play spaces provide more than just adventure play for children. They should include three key components to aid in the development of children as whole beings:

• Unscripted Play

• Imaginative or “Village” Play

• Adventure Play


These elements are a crucial part of each natural play space built by GRG, differentiating them from traditional playgrounds that typically only serve the large-motor development of children through scripted, adventure play.

GRG encourages the use of loose parts and unique climbing challenges, which allows children to change and reinvent their space and provides risk continuum opportunities. Water management, sustainability and the creative use of natural materials are also incorporated to create worlds of wonder that allow for both passive and gross motor play; serving not only the physical, but also the social, emotional and fine-motor development needs of children.


We invite you to join us in our Outdoor Play Revolution; bringing back the essence, joys, and adventures of childhood.

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