At GRG we believe a successful play space is so much more than just play equipment dropped on a site.

Different than a “playground,” GRG’s playscapes are crafted with natural materials and are sculpted to draw out the beauty of the land they’re built upon.


Our project and design teams are leading a revolution in the creation and construction of amazing playscapes that:


  • Nurture Childhood Creativity

  • Foster Wonder & Imagination

  • Improve Caregiver Well-Being

  • Inspire Healthy Risk Taking in Children


GRG’s Project Teams have expertise in carpentry, landscaping, masonry, hardscaping, demolition, site preparation, construction, water management and project management.


For over 10 years, GRG has been an innovator in the field of Natural Playscapes.


Custom play elements used in design-build projects include:


  • Composite Play Structures (platforms, slides, climbers)

  • Embankment Slides

  • Balance Courses

  • Sand Play Areas

  • Tree Houses

  • Water Play Areas

  • Musical Instruments, Sensory Panels & more


Our play equipment is durably crafted, utilizing a combination of locally harvested and processed black locust (Robinia) and dimensional lumber.


*All equipment is designed and constructed to ASTM and Playground Safety Standards.


“We believe creating an effective, usable and inspiring space takes an understanding of land, the natural environment and the ability to actively listen to the community and its stakeholders to turn vision into reality.”


A collaborative and holistic-design approach is used to successfully create a comprehensive space that considers nature and the built environment, as well as connectivity of spaces and people.


GRG has a Certified Playground Safety Inspector on the design team to ensure the safe design and construction of our playscapes.


“Our natural playscapes present children with endless opportunities to wholly engage in the moment, navigating life and discovering themselves through unstructured, outdoor play.”

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