With Cedar Creek at the end of the block and several acres of wild meadow behind her house, Kay spent her childhood outdoors raising tadpoles, rescuing toads from window wells, observing life amongst the wildflowers, collecting chestnuts and milkweed pods, and trying to obey two rules:  be home for meals and stay clean.  After 20+ years working indoors, Kay’s third career brought her back to her childhood love of being outdoors, enjoying plants and wildlife, and getting dirty.


Kay has been designing residential landscapes and gardens for over a dozen years. First and foremost, her landscapes are designed to meet clients’ aesthetic and functional needs. As the name “Nature’s Palette” suggests, she often uses native plants for their many intrinsic benefits: natives need few inputs such as water, fertilizers and pesticides, and they invariably offer wildlife habitat and food. With the right plants, even the tiniest yard will attract an astonishing variety of wildlife: pollinators, caterpillars, butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, beneficial insects, migrating and resident birds, and more.  Much to Kay’s delight, her clients often find themselves engaged with their new landscapes in unexpected ways, observing the play of life in their own patch of wildlife-friendly habitat.


Kay's goal as a landscape designer is to meet the needs of her clients while simultaneously (sometimes surreptitiously) sustaining a variety of native wildlife that otherwise struggle to survive in our highly “developed” environment.

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