Growing up helping his father and brother buildings instilled Graham with the love of carpentry. His travels to Scotland, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and many summers spent in Alaska have instilled him with a fascination and appreciation of the natural world.


Graham went on to earn a degree in wildlife ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He has worked as a carpenter for much of his professional career on a variety of projects including residential and commercial, and he has also worked for a native ecosystem restoration company. Like a hunter spotting the best game, Graham always has his eye out for great wood. From raw logs to crafted woodworking, he has a knack for putting the pieces together.


His passions inspire him to try and make his own positive impact on the environmental landscape. He purchased a portable saw mill and salvages lumber that would otherwise be burned, chipped, or left to rot. Through landscaping and custom carpentry, he helps people to connect to the natural world.

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