Aaron is a life-long Wisconsin native. He spent much of his childhood enjoying the outdoors, whether it was camping at Pine Lake, Wisconsin, traveling to many of the nation’s beautiful national parks, or traveling abroad to visit friends and families in places such as France, Germany and Japan.


He brings a valuable outsider’s perspective to landscape design.
As a student, Aaron studied industrial design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, where his early professional career led
him to design point-of-purchase displays, retail environments, and consumer products. He is always been a creator and tinkerer; an observer of all design and its interaction with people. His love of woodworking naturally lends his skills to custom landscape pieces.


Aaron’s diverse background provides him with a broad skill set that is utilized throughout the entire landscape process. Not content to just sit in front of the computer, he can also be found getting his hands dirty on many of the project builds. He has an unmistakable desire to create something new and distinct; a collaborative, custom-tailored environment that is unique to each client.


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